Class 1 Assignments

Important Notice

Dear Parents

The notes of the topics covered in the Zoom classes have been uploaded. They are purely for understanding and preparation purposes.

They do not have to be written out. A printout can be taken and used for study. If they contain exercises which have to be solved, encourage your children to do them in the printout itself.

Thank you.

God Bless!

Class I New Notes (18-04-2020)

Computer     (07-04-2020)                          Maths (07-04-2020)

English Vowels and Consonants (12-04-2020)

English A and An (12-04-2020)

English Singular and Plural (12-04-2020)

English This and That (13-04-2020)

English These and Those (14-04-2020)

EVS Parts of the Body (15-04-2020)

Maths Subtraction and Number Names (15-04-2020)

English Sentences and Punctuation (20-04-2020)                                Hindi Shabd (20-04-2020)

Maths Table of 10 and skip counting of 2’s and 10’s (20-04-2020)

Maths Number Names 21-40 and Forming the Smallest and the Largest Number (21-04-2020)

Maths Skip counting of 5’s and What Comes Between (22-04-2020)

Hindi (22-04-2020)

English Naming Words (23-04-2020)

EVS More About My Body (26-04-2020)

Hindi (26-04-2020)

Class I Syllabus

Maths Number Names and What come Before (27-04-2020)

English Grandfather’s Farm (28-04-2020)

English My Family (30-04-2020)                                      Maths What Comes After and Comparison Of Numbers (30-04-2020)

EVS (03-05-2020)

Hindi Grammar (04-05-2020)

Maths Number writing 181 -220 and Number Names 1 – 40 (05-05-2020)

Catechism Children (09-05-2020)

English L-3 Grandmother’s Kitchen (09-05-2020)                                                              English Grammar Vocabulary Words (09-05-2020)

English Assignment                                      Hindi Assignment  

Maths Assignment                                         EVS Assignment 

GK Assignment EV-1 (15-05-2020)