Class 2 Assignments

Important Notice

Dear Parents

The notes of the topics covered in the Zoom classes have been uploaded. They are purely for understanding and preparation purposes.

They do not have to be written out. A printout can be taken and used for study. If they contain exercises which have to be solved, encourage your children to do them in the printout itself.

Thank you.

Take Care.

God Bless!

Class II New Notes (18-04-2020)

EVS (07-04-2020)

English Jumble Words (13-04-2020)                                                                        English Nouns (13-04-2020)

English Punctuation Ex. 1 (13-04-2020)                                                                English Punctuation Ex.2 (13-04-2020)

English Statements and Questions (13-04-2020)                                     

Maths (13-04-2020) 

English Question Words (14-04-2020)                               EVS Family Relatives (16-04-2020)

English Singular and Plural Nouns (17-04-2020)                    Maths Before Between and After (17-04-2020)

GK I Spy with my eye (17-04-2020)

Computer: Smart Computer (20-04-2020)

English MALE AND FEMALE NOUNS (GENDER) (22-04-2020)

Maths Addition (23-04-2020)

Computer (26-04-2020)                               EVS Lesson-2 School (26-04-2020)

GK Lesson 12- The Creepy Crawlies (26-04-2020)

Hindi (26-04-2020)                                        Maths Addition (26-04-2020)

Class II Syllabus

Class II Hindi (03-05-2020)

EVS Lesson-10 The Food we eat (04-05-2020)                     Maths Subtraction (04-05-2020)

GK Lesson 2- Fun and Games (04-05-2020)

EVS The Food we eat (06-05-2020)

Catechism  Children (09-05-2020)

EVS L-11 Some Healthy Habits (10-05-2020)                             Hindi Grammar (10-05-2020)

Maths Ordinal Numbers (1 to 20) (12-05-2020)

English Assignment                               Hindi Assignment

Maths Assignment                                 EVS Assignment

GK Polar Animals (15-05-2020)                                   GK Organs of the Body (15-05-2020)

EVS Some Healthy Habits (15-05-2020)                        EVS Notes Some Healthy Habits (15-05-2020) 

GK Assignment EV-1 (15-05-2020) 

Hindi Grammar (17-05-2020)                               May Notes (17-05-2020)