Class 3 Assignments

Important Notice

Dear Parents

The notes of the topics covered in the Zoom classes have been uploaded. They are purely for understanding and preparation purposes.

They do not have to be written out. A printout can be taken and used for study. If they contain exercises which have to be solved, encourage your children to do them in the printout itself.

Thank you.

Take Care.

God Bless!

Class III New Notes (18-04-2020)

English (07-04-2020)                          EVS (07-04-2020)                         Maths (07-04-2020)

English Kinds of Sentences (13-04-2020)                          English Subject and Predicate (13-04-2020)

Computer Parts of a Computer (13-04-2020)

EVS Health and Happiness (15-04-2020)

Maths Addition (16-04-2020)                         GK Lesson 2 and 3 (16-04-2020)

English Nouns (17-04-2020)                           English Collective Nouns (17-04-2020)

EVS Food (17-04-2020)

EVS Our Food (22-04-2020)                             GK Famous Musicians (22-04-2020)

English Nouns – Countable and Uncountable (23-04-2020)

EVS Where we Live (26-04-2020)                 

Class III Syllabus       

Computer Hardware and Software (27-04-2020)

Hindi (30-04-2020)

EVS Safety (01-05-2020)

English Nouns-Gender (03-05-2020)                                         English Nouns-Singular and Plural (03-05-2020)

English Punctuation and Capital Letters (03-05-2020)

GK Food of Asia (03-05-2020)                                                  Hindi Grammar (03-05-2020)

Hindi Literature (05-05-2020)

Catechism Children (09-05-2020)

EVS Revision L-1 and L-3 (09-05-2020)

Hindi Literature (10-05-2020)                                  Hindi Grammar (10-05-2020)

Maths Unit 2 – Four digit numbers (12-05-2020)

English Assignment                                        Hindi Assignment

Maths Assignment                                          EVS Assignment 

GK L-6 Food of Asia (14-05-2020)\

Maths Addition with carrying (15-05-2020)                                   Maths Addition-Word Problems (15-05-2020)            

GK Assignment 1 (15-05-2020) 

Catechism Children (17-05-2020)                                Hindi Grammar (17-05-2020)

May Notes (17-05-2020)                                               May Notes (18-05-2020)

Hindi Grammar (18-05-2020)                                      EVS Assignment L-10 Where we Live  (18-05-2020)

Maths Subtraction with Borrowing (20-05-2020)                                  Maths Subtraction with Borrowing 2 (20-05-2020)