Class 4 Assignments

Important Notice

Dear Parents

The notes of the topics covered in the Zoom classes have been uploaded. They are purely for understanding and preparation purposes.

They do not have to be written out. A printout can be taken and used for study. If they contain exercises which have to be solved, encourage your children to do them in the printout itself.

Thank you.

Take Care.

God Bless!

Class IV New Notes (18-04-2020)

English (07-04-2020)

English Kinds of Sentences (12-04-2020)

EVS The Living World (12-04-2020)

Maths Large Numbers (15-04-2020)             Maths Roman Numerals (15-04-2020)

English Negative Sentences (16-04-2020)

English Interrogative Sentences (17-04-2020)                     EVS Inside your body (17-04-2020)

GK States and Capitals (21-04-2020)                            GK Women Scientists (21-04-2020)

Maths Large Numbers Part-2 (22-04-2020)

Computer Input and Output Device (23-04-2020)

English Common nouns and Proper nouns (26-04-2020)

English Abstract and Material Nouns (26-04-2020)

EVS Public Property (26-04-2020)                                          Hindi Grammar (26-04-2020)

Maths Addition (26-04-2020)

Class IV Syllabus 

GK Team Sports (28-04-2020)

Maths Addition (30-04-2020)                                       Maths Worksheet (30-04-2020)

EVS Land and Climate (01-05-2020)

Hindi Lesson-4 (03-05-2020)

English The Raindrops (04-05-2020)

English Alphabetical Order (05-05-2020)

GK Polar Explorers (06-05-2020)

Catechism Children (09-05-2020)                                                English Grammar Apostrophe (09-05-2020)

Hindi Grammar (10-05-2020)                                  Maths Subtraction (10-05-2020)

GK L-8 The Magic of Music (12-05-2020)                Hindi Grammar (12-05-2020)

English Assignment                                           Hindi Assignment 

Maths Assignment                                              EVS Assignment 

English Literature L 5 – Hector Hummingbird (14-05-2020) 

English Grammar Punctuation (14-05-2020)

GK Assignment EV-1 (15-05-2020)

Catechism Children (17-05-2020)                                      Hindi Grammar (17-05-2020)

May Notes (17-05-2020)                                              Maths Pattern (18-05-2020)