Mid-Term Examination Details


Dear Parents

The school has planned a Mid- Term Evaluation, which will be held between 12 October and 15 October 2020. The papers will be short and subjective. The Date Sheet for the same is shared below and will also be put up on the MS Teams General Channel of every class.

The syllabus to be covered in this Mid- Term Test will be shared with you by the teachers on MS Teams by Saturday (3 October). The teachers will also share the e-mail ids to which the papers have to be sent. Detailed instruction on how the exams will be conducted are also given below. Please follow them and the process will be very easy.

We request your support so that together we may be able to evaluate our children’s progress and ensure that they are learning well. 

Thank You.

Date sheet for the online summative assessment (Nursery)

Dates Class Nursery
12/10/2020 Monday English Written (A-Z) (What Comes after, Choose the correct option)
13/10/2020 Tuesday English Dictation(A-Z), Maths Dodging(1-10)
14/10/2020 Wednesday Maths Written (1-10) (What comes after, Choose the correct option)
15/10/202 Thursday Hindi (Choose the correct option


Date sheet for the online summative assessment (KG)

Dates Class KG
12/10/2020 Monday Hindi (Dictation and Written)
13/10/2020 Tuesday English (Dictation and Written)
14/10/2020 Wednesday Maths ( Dodging and Written)
15/10/2020 Thursday EVS (Written)


Date sheet for the online summative assessment (I – V)      

Dates  Class I Class II Class III Class IV Class V
13/10/2020 Tuesday HINDI EVS EVS HINDI EVS
14/10/2020 Wednesday MATHS ENG HINDI ENG MATHS
15/10/2020 Thursday EVS HINDI ENG EVS HINDI

THE EXAM WILL BEGIN AT 8 a.m. and end at 9:30 a.m. everyday.

The PDF of the answer sheet must be mailed to the concerned teacher in the next twenty minutes of the completion of the exam.

After the completion of the exam, the students are free to prepare for the next day’s exam.



  1. It is very important for all students to have a secured connection.

Therefore, make arrangements prior to exams. In case the child keeps exiting the meet and is unable to complete the paper, no extra time will be given by the school. If due to network issues, students are not able to complete a particular section or the entire paper, no extra time will be given to them. In such circumstances, the parents will have to send an application to the school authority and the matter will be decided later.

  1. The descriptive paper will be shown through screen sharing. The students will have to join the meeting of that particular subject for which they have to appear.
  2. Enter the class link at least 5 minutes before the exam timings so that you can start writing immediately once the question paper is shared.
  3. All must keep their camera on.

No excuse shall be entertained. If the child fails to switch on the camera, his/her paper will be considered invalid for evaluation. The camera should be angled properly so that the teacher is able to see the child as well as the desk where the child is writing. Students are not allowed to submit typed answer sheets for the written exams. Answers need to be written manually by the students on sheets. The answer sheets should be clicked and converted into pdf and mailed to the subject teachers within 20 minutes of the paper completion. Please ensure that the PDF copy of the answer script is clear and can be read easily. There are many apps for Android and iPhone users to convert images into pdf if students are using their mobiles. Kindly adhere to the time limit strictly. Not even a minute extra will be provided. Therefore, time your paper well. Click pictures, convert and send it as one pdf file only.

In case, the teacher receives the paper beyond the stipulated time, it won’t be corrected.

  1. Keep your stationery and water bottles with you. The child will not be allowed to move while appearing for the examination.
  2. For the written paper, write your name, class-section, roll no. on each sheet that you use. Also, number all your sheets.
  3. Students should use ruled sheets. Students of Classes I – IV should use a good quality, dark pencil. Students of Class V should use a good black or blue pen.
  4. If any child is unable to attempt the paper due to any medical issues the parent must intimate the Class Teacher about it in advance along with a medical certificate. There will be no retest for the Mid-term exam. The child will be marked ML or AB in the report card.

We are extremely grateful for all your timely responses of coordination, cooperation, clarification of doubts for the Online Curricular and Co- Curricular activities. If any pending dues, please do clear them at your earliest.

Thank You Dear Parents.