A human child is a positive asset and a precious national resource, which needs to be cherished, nurtured and developed with tenderness and care coupled with dynamism. Education is a powerful tool to build social consciousness and develop social responsibility. Our institution from its inception has been serving as an instrument of quality education, igniting young minds to be conscientious individuals who uphold human and moral values in this ever changing and challenging world.


Equality of opportunity for the poor and the rich is therefore the main aim and goal of education in St. Michael’s Junior School. This school strives to provide equal opportunities to all, especially those in its neighborhood, irrespective of caste or creed. Such a scheme of education would enable the social minded to participate in the formation of an egalitarian society which is the national objective as envisaged in the Preamble of our Constitution. The School is therefore wedded to the ‘Sahodaya System’ of education which includes the following features:

Personalized Education
Building of Social Awareness
Dual Language Policy
Activity-Oriented Education
Work Experience
Community Service

Mrs. Vandana Ahuja
Mrs. Anita Abner
Mrs. Barkha Handa
Mrs. Shikha Jain
Mrs. Pooja Vig
Mrs. Archana Vashisht
Mrs. Renu Mishra
Mrs. Simmi Relan
Mrs. Mary Litty

Ms. Hardish Kaur
Ms. Mary Dominic
Mrs. Divya Jyoti Tete
Ms. Varinda Kapoor
Mrs. Rini. R. Thomas
Mrs. Vincy Varghese
Ms. Praerna Sehgal
Mrs. Rakhi Saluja

Office Staff

Mrs. Shiny Johnson
Mr. Teby Joseph Thomas

Mr. Ram Avadh Yadav
Mrs. Prisca Minj
Mr. Mahesh Singh
Mr. Harender Kumar
Mr. Subhash
Mrs. Poonam
Mrs. Reena
Mrs. Meenu
Mr. Jitender