Driver Verification


 Dear Parents/Guardians,                                                                                                                                                                                                                     02/04/2019

 We do not provide transportation to the students of our school. It is your responsibility to bring your wards to the school and take them back home. The School will not take up any responsibility in this regard. If you are sending your wards with any school van, you are requested to make sure that the van has the  required permit to ferry the children

As per this circular no DE.15 (173)/Act-I/2013/25015-25021 dated 15th July, 2014 from Directorate of Education, Act Branch, according to which, Parents should ensure that the Private vehicles in which their children are travelling should have GPS installed and the antecedents of drivers and conductors are to be verified in police records. Therefore you are requested to inform the principal of the following information in writing if you are hiring any vehicle for your child.

You are requested to submit the required documents as given below to the school along with the filled in form

  1. The permit of the following vehicle from the concerned authority / police to ferry the children.
  2. Copy of the Driving License of the Driver
  3. Photo of the Driver who collects your child
  4. The copy of the police verification certificate of Driver and the Conductor if any


Download Driver Verification Form