St. Michael's Junior School Prasad Nagar, New Delhi

Christian Minority Institution: Run by Delhi Catholic Archdiocese (Unrecognized)

School Management

Rev. Fr. Geo Jacob

The Manager of the School

He was appointed as the manager of the school in July 2019.

Rev. Sr. Agnes Anthony Dass Joseph


She was appointed as principal in July 2020.
Her present priority is to integrate discipline with academic excellence.


Envisioning the world as one big family and working to build essential values of Equality, Fraternity, Tolerance and Mutual Respect for all and among all.

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The institution aims to provide equal opportunities of quality education to all sections of society, ensuring the formation of a more equitable and egalitarian society and a better tomorrow.

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‘Tamso ma Jyotirgamaya’ taken from the Brihadarankya Upanishad, meaning ‘lead us from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge.’

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Our History

“All great achievements have one thing in common – People with a passion to succeed”

St. Michael’s Junior School was first started as the Holy Child School in a small building in South Patel Nagar, under the guidance of the Sisters of Holy Child. The school though small was well known in the vicinity. This was taken over by Rev. Fr. Jorge D’Souza, who then managed the school independently. Seeking better recognition, the Diocese bought a bigger space and got a building constructed in Prasad Nagar in 1984 in the name of St. Michael’s Junior School. It was inaugurated by Rev. Bishop Angelo Fernandez. The aim and the objective of the school has been always to educate the weaker sections of the society and is therefore wedded to the ‘Sahodaya System’ of education.

It began as only boys’ school, which was slowly converted to a co-education school. After the sad demise of Fr. Jorge D’Souza, Fr. Anil Couto, the present Archbishop of Delhi took charge and then Rev. Fr. George Panackal. The Franciscan Hospitaller Sisters came in later and managed the school. They had brought about number of changes and work hard to make the Michaelites soar high.

In July 2020’ the congregation of Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod has collaborated with the Archdiocese of New Delhi to shoulder the responsibility of the school.We have at present Sister Agnes Joseph as the Principal of St. Michael’s Junior School.

The institution has progressed and grown under the able guidance, motivation and support of all the Managers & Principals that have been here since its inception and the last 38 years have been especially prosperous. A lot of progress has been witnessed from the change in the outlook of the classrooms with animated paintings on the wall to assigning a unique color theme to each one of them. All our efforts have been towards providing kids with the opportunity to participate in all the Activitiess and invigorate their growth on multiple levels.

The school has given quality education of heart, mind and soul to its students and gives importance to the formation of habits of discipline, study, self-reliance, and moral values, so as to make the students worthy citizens of the country.

The dedicated services of our Managers, Principals and Teachers will always be gratefully remembered. Each one of them has contributed immensely to the growth of St. Michael’s Junior School with their selfless service.

We thank and pray to God for His blessings on the school and hope that it may continue to render its glorious service to the nation and the world as a whole.

Notice Board


Year 1993-1994Rev. Fr. Irenieu Dos Santos
Year 1994-1996Rev. Fr. Arnold David
Year 1997-2002Rev. Fr. Charles D’souza
Year 2002-2004Rev. Fr. Benedic Francis
Year 2004 JulyRev. Fr. George P.A.
Year 2005-2008Rev. Fr. Januario Rebello
Year 2008-2013Rev. Fr. George Abraham
Year 2013-2017Rev. Fr. Mathew Koyikal
Year 2017-2019Rev. Fr. Robinson Rodrigues
Year 2019 onwardsRev. Fr. Geo Jacob


Year 1984-1988Rev. Fr. Jorge D’Souza
Year 1988-1991Rev. Fr. Anil Couto
Year 1991-1993Rev. Fr. George Panakal
Year 1993-1994Rev. Sr. Teresa C. Fernandez
Year 1994-1997Rev. Sr. Delphine Almeida
Year 1997-2005Rev. Sr. Conceicao Pereira
Year 2005-2007Rev. Sr. Stella Marthi
Year 2007-2013Rev. Sr. Melicia Fernandes
Year 2013-2015Rev. Sr. Nathaline
Year 2015-2020Rev. Sr. Sushila D’Souza
Year 2020 onwardsRev. Sr. Agnes Joseph

Events & Activities