St. Michael's Junior School Prasad Nagar, New Delhi

Christian Minority Institution: Run by Delhi Catholic Archdiocese (Unrecognized)
St Michael The Archangel Pray For Us


St. Michael, the patron saint of our school, is the foremost of angels and is the commander of God’s army of angels. St. Michael is the chief Archangel of God. He is referred to as ‘Archangel Michael’, meaning He is above all the other angels in rank. His name means ‘one who is like God.’ Traditionally St. Michael is always shown carrying a flaming sword, scales and crushing the evil dragon beneath his feet. He is considered the guardian of the Catholic church. St. Michael is believed to be the defender against the devil and all the forces of darkness.

St. Michael is said to have the following four main responsibilities or offices.

  • The first is to combat Satan, the evil one.
  • The second is to escort the faithful to heaven.
  • The third is to be the champion of the church and all Christians.
  • And the fourth is to weigh the souls and call people to their heavenly judgement.

St. Michael is the angel who defends the gate of paradise and is invoked for protection from dangerous enemies. St. Michael is believed to be the patron of soldiers, the police and doctors.