St. Michael's Junior School Prasad Nagar, New Delhi

Christian Minority Institution: Run by Delhi Catholic Archdiocese (Unrecognized)




Albert Einstein famously said, Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.

We live in a world flooded with information and facts. Education is not merely learning all the facts that we find ourselves surrounded with, but the formation of mind to think, act and solve problems independently. A primary school is the budding ground of many important life skills. It is here, in this safe environment, that the little ones take tiny steps towards self dependence and have their first experiences of social interaction and formal learning.

It is here, that they begin their journey of lifelong learning and take first steps towards self-realisation.

We at St. Michael’s know that it is imperative for us to provide our little students with a safe environment where they feel loved, respected and accepted. We understand their need to express themselves and give them ample opportunities and freedom to do so. We attempt to develop in our students a love for learning through the use of several innovative methods. Once the passion of learning is ignited in young minds, they never cease to learn and grow.

The institution attempts to build the overall personality of the child and focuses on all round development. We emphasize not only academic excellence but also emphasise on training the body, mind and spirit for a balanced, happy and healthy life.

Our aim is to ensure that each one of our students is growing into a confident, sensitive and a socially aware and responsible individual.

I would like to thank our parents for entrusting their precious children to our care and for all their support and cooperation always.

Rev. Sr. Agnes Joseph